Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm still alive :)


Lately painting in my free time has been taken away by freelance job. I'm doing some illustrations for Wildfire which is the best known for CthulhuTech RPG. This world is really succesful combination of science-fiction and horror. I'll post some images once there's a chance for that.

Meanwhile here's some latest work that didn't appear on this blog.

I started to break my personal art into single projects that slowly grow along side. It really doesn't matter whether I get them finished. It's much easier to invent new image when I already have few from the same world/setting. The more I have, the richer the whole idea gets. I can go back and revise things as I discover something new about the overall story.

Here's just few of my latest images which seem to go on the same track. The whole thing started from being inspired by my city. I wanted to create imaginary, more fantastical one based on it and describe people living in it a bit.

Some random ideas not related to anything. Urban and weird fantasy environments.

Robo design.

For the past year I was doing simple shape focused composition exercise which I posted in Fine Art section of the forum. Finally I finished composition number 100 which means the end. The whole thing was good experience. I think I'm now a bit more conscious about many aspects of design.

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